Welcome to the Fred Moodry Library

Welcome to the library webpage!  I will be updating this site with links that are helpful for you.  Please, if you have question about the library, AR, or reading general, don't hesitate to shoot me an email!   

Ways to Access Books 

  • Programs to use for school work
    • Google classroom
    • Zoom 
  • Free E-books
    • Epic
      • If you would like to be added into Epic!  Please email acalhoun@anacondaschools.org and she will get your child added!  Then follow these directions.

Open Browser

  1. Go to www.getepic.com/students.
  2. Log in with your class code: sld0762
  3. Select their name and they’re in!

Download epic! App

After launching the Epic app, ask students to:

  1. Select “Have an account? Log In” then click “Students & Educators”
  2. Log in with your class code: sld0762
  3. Select their name and they’re in!


    • First book

How to download the App: 

  1. Go to the App Store on your device (Apple or Android). 
  2. Search for “Open eBooks” and follow the instructions to download. 
  3. Open the app. 
  4. Agree to any terms and conditions. 
  5. Enter your code and PIN combination (email acalhoun@anacondaschools.org when prompted.
  6. Browse the catalog of books available. 
  7. Download eBooks of interest to your child and enjoy reading! Please note: when using the app, standard data rates apply. Please note: You can download 10 eBooks at a time. Each eBook will be available for 56 days before it must be renewed. 
  • Audio Books
    • Learning Ally
      • Some students are already enrolled in this and need to download the app to use at home.  If your child does not already have a login, please email acalhoun@anacondaschools.org and she will enroll your child.  
    • Audible is offering select free audio books for children.  Visit audible.com for more information.  

Paper Books

    • Hearst Free Library Books
      • The Hearst Free is available for curbside pick up and they have electronic books to be downloaded.  If you need help with either of these, please call the Hearst Free Library at 563-6932.  
    • Little Free Libraries--there is one outside of the school.  It has adult and children’s books so feel free to come and take what you want to read.  
    • If you still need paper books, please email acalhoun@anacondaschools.org and we will talk!

Other Resources:

  • Authors and illustrators are reading on facebook, instagram, and other social media sources.  Because it is an ever changing list, if you are interested, google "authors reading during the Covid-19 crisis"
  • Mrs. Calhoun will be doing a daily read aloud starting Wednesday, March 25 on a private facebook page.  Check the Fred Moodry facebook page for a link.