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Welcome All

I am Tom Gates.  Let me start my saying welcome to our new district website!  This new website has a fresh new look and is really easy to use once you have a little practice so make sure to check back often for updates and homework.
Now let me tell you a little about me.  I have been part of the Anaconda teaching team for the last twelve years.  During that time I have had a variety of teaching experiences.  I have taught grades 6th-8th math and social studies.  I have taught 5th grade.  I've even had the pleasure to work with students in a leadership format as the dean of student for grades 6th-8 as well as athletic director duties for those grades as well.  Currently, I have spent the last three years teaching 4th grade.  Teaching is a special career and takes a special kind of person to lead our children into the future.  I accept this challenge and I'm always willing to work with students, parents and staff on meeting the needs of our students and building a better community. Please feel free to email, call or stop in for any reason if needed and I will do my best to help in any way I know or can.
To give you a better idea of who I am on a personal note let me explain.  I love living in southwestern Montana and cannot wait to spend weekends and summers enjoying Montana's great outdoors.  My passions include hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and hiking and looking for shed antlers in the spring.  I am married to Stephanie Bohrnsen-Gates who also teaches 2nd grade in district. We have two dogs Maciee and Thatcher who get more than enough attention when we are both not at school teaching.  We both also enjoy spend time helping out on the my wife's family ranch whenever a helping hand is needed.  I guess to sum it up, Montana is where I will live and play for my unseeable future!
My education is as follows below:
Anaconda High School Graduate- Graduating Class of 2003
University of Montana-Western- Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education- Graduating Class of 2007
Lesley University- Masters Degree in Technology in Education- Graduating Class 2010
Rocky Mountain College- Master Degree in Educational Leadership- Graduating Class 2012
Thanks for stopping by my page!
Tom M. Gates