Welcome Everyone!

Hello there, my name is Courtney Cashell and I am currently in my 3rd year of teaching Art at Fred Moodry and coaching High School Cheer for JV and Varsity at Anaconda High School. I love Montana, and especially the Anaconda area, as I grew up in Butte, not far from here. And I love the fact that I am able to teach and work close to my hometown. I received my Bachelors in Fine Art and Secondary Art along with two minors in Special Education and Art History. I plan on working on getting my Masters degree within the next couple of years through Concordia University, although at this point, I am undecided as to what my focus will be for that.
I fully believe on implementing different forms of Art Therapy into my classroom along with exposing my students to different cultures and forms of art from all around the world, understanding different types of art, mediums and artists helps my students in so many ways, especially in further developing their own creativity, 
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me through my school email.
Thank you! 
Miss Cashell


Update on Assignments, Packets and Google Classroom

Hello Everyone!
  • I know I am posting a lot, but I want to provide a variety of creative opportunities for each and everyone of you! The big projects I would like you to look at are the Aviation Awareness Art Contest, the Let's Make Robots! Art Project, and the Miss Cashell's at Home Art Choice Boards. I have not set any upcoming due dates for these projects, due to our current circumstances of dealing with being in quarantine, aside from the Aviation Awareness Art Contest due date being April 28th, since the deadline is set for May 1st. You can find more information on that project either on your hard copy provided in your packet, or on your child's Google Classroom. 
  • You will also find other options within the different topic areas on Google Classroom, the other topic areas are meant to provide different materials and opportunities for your child (or the children in your house, in case you have multiple children in your house that are needing a creative outlet right now) or even the family as a whole. Basically, I want to provide these opportunities for you all to help you destress during these times, and to enjoy the creative time you can all spend together. I know this cannot be easy on everyone, and if I can help, by providing an opportunity for a creative outlet then thats great!
  • I completely understand and am aware of the fact that each and everyone of you are in a different situation regarding what supplies are available to you, and what you are able to accomplish while being under quarantine and working on your social distancing, which is why I am providing a variety of different materials, examples etc..
  • My main goal is to provide a creative outlet for each and everyone of you, and even your family members during this time.
  • So please enjoy the time of being able to work on the different materials I've provided, look through them, share them with your families, and please don't hesitate to contact me! I will also be posting my own videos, and sharing opportunities for students and parents to connect with me for "Office Hours" so I am able to connect with you all and answer any questions or help in any way during this time. I appreciate you all having such incredible patience and understanding during this time as well!
  • Truly, thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart! I miss each and everyone of my students, and can't wait to be reunited with you all! Until then, I will continue to support you to the best of my abilities!
    ~ Miss Cashell