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Dear FMIS Families,

I want to take this opportunity to officially welcome all of you to the 2018/19 school year. I hope you have enjoyed the summer activities and your child is excited abut the upcoming school year that starts on August 29th. We are looking forward to another successful year.

On behalf of the Fred Moodry Intermediate Staff, we are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our children achieve the high expectations we will bestow upon them this academic year. A strong partnership between the home and school is key in your child's success. We ask that you support our efforts by helping your child:

* Share positive school experiences;
* Understand the importance of respect;
* Attend school regularly, and arrive on time;
* Follow all school rules;
*Read at least 15 minutes every night, and practice math facts;
* Have a regular bedtime schedule.

This year, we have a few changes in personnel. Please help me give a warm welcome to:

* Fourth Grade: Abby Stanberry, Ashley Ophus, and Riley Schell;
* Fifth/Sixth Grade: Jayme Stergar and Austin Barth
* Sped/Interventions: Rebecca Clute, Kari Sandru, and Shauna Loomis

Our teachers have spent the summer preparing for the arrival of our students. They have taught summer school courses, attended professional development,written new curriculum, and are prepared to implement many new strategies to differentiate the instruction for all of our students' needs. Our teachers have been working hard interpreting their classrooms and lesson plans that promise to make for another exciting and productive year at FMIS. A great big thank you to our school's team of Percy and Roger: along with the entire maintenance crew, who have worked diligently to prepare our school for the beginning of he new school year.

As always, my door is open, and I invite you to drop by to ask questions, share concerns, or volunteer. I am happy and eager to talk about our school and the children we share. Please take time to get involved with the PTA Let's work together to make your school experience a memorable and positive one!

Tammy Hurley

We Will Graduate from High School