Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


If this sheet does not answer your questions please feel free to contact me at and 406-563-6141, Ext 1403

Hours the School Office will be open?

The school office will be open from 8 am to 3 pm daily; however, we are limiting the number

of people in the school at one time to ten. 

How Do I contact my child’s teachers?

Two options: During regular school hours

  1. Teachers are available through email. All school emails are first initial last name, for example,  
  2. If your child’s teacher uses class DOJO they will be available on that platform as well during normal school hours. 

Why is it important for my child to participate in remote learning during a school closure?

Many families have requested suggestions on how they can support their child(ren) with their education during school closure. 

  1. Anaconda Public schools only have 180 days of instruction. We know that each of these days is critical to the growth and development of our children. 
  2. We also understand that a true online version of learning is not realistic for our elementary students. However, some of our families have the ability to access a website from some sort of device.  
  3. Students and Adults need consistency in our lives. 

Options for assignments:

Packets picked up/Procedure

  a.) Wednesday, March 25th from 8 am to 12:00 pm

  b.) Wednesday, March 25th from 1 pm

Delivered by a school personal

  a.) This will only take place if you do not have access to a car.

Teacher assignments posted in Google Classroom

  a.) Use the FMIS website and click on your students’ teacher.

Assignments posted on the website

  a.) If you have access to a device and the internet.


What work should my child complete? 

By providing options, our goal is to meet your child's educational needs even during remote learning. 

  1. If your child prefers learning with paper and pencil, then they should complete the hard copy packet.
  2. If your child likes doing work digitally, there are possibly two options: your child's teacher may be using Google Classroom to assign/collect work on that platform or you can use the posted assignments on this website. 
  3. Students need to complete assignments in reading, math, science, social studies, and ELA.
  4. Please keep all work and learning logs to be turned in at a later date. 
  5. However, there is no expectation that they complete both hard copy packets and digital work. Choose one option and support your child's efforts to keep moving forward.


How does my child submit their work?

Some teachers in grades 3-6 may be posting assignments that can be submitted and collected through our online platform called Google Classroom. When the school closure ends, feel free to bring your child(ren)’s work to the classroom. You may also email all work to your child’s teacher. 

How does my child get to Google Classroom?

Students will select the tile for their current teacher's Google Classroom and click the Classwork tab to see current assignments. Students will NOT be able to access Google Classroom using a personal Gmail account, as Google Classroom is only part of the G Suite for Education.


How do I use my tablet or smartphone to access  Google Classroom?

If you are using a tablet or smartphone to access Google Drive and/or Google Classroom, you will need to download the Google apps from the app store associated with your device. These will be the most relevant apps needed:

  • Google Form
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slide


How does my child log in to IXL, Newsela, Istation, and EdReady?

All Third to Sixth Grade students have an IXL, Newsela, Istation, and EdReady login ID. We will also be sending home their passwords in their packets in case a student forgot their password over spring break. 

We provided you with a link under resources on the webpage. 


How do I support my child when working in IXL, Istation, Newsela, and EdReady?

Students should work as independently as possible on all these programs as the program is designed to assess what a student does and does not know and adjusts the content accordingly. 

  1. We can see every time a student logs in to one of these sites. We can also track their progress.
  2. Teachers have established a classroom routine of how to access skills, and students should continue to follow that routine.